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  • Exterior inspections and services are custom tailored. Basic services are as follows.

    - Visually inspect the exterior of your home for signs of pest entry or damage.
    - Visually inspect the exterior for signs of damage due to wind, rain, etc.
    - Check mailbox and retrieve any mail and newspapers.
    - Retrieve any garbage and recycle bins and return to their proper location.

    - Placing any full garbage and recycle bins out for collection.
    - Visually inspect properties landscaping and irrigation systems.
    - Visually inspect all water features (pool, spa, waterfalls, etc.).
    - Inspect to ensure that all gates and pool locks are engaged in locked position.

  • Interior inspections and services are custom tailored. Basic services are as follows.

    - Test any security system.
    - Inspect all door/window locks to ensure they are engaged in the locked position.
    - Check any lighting timers to ensure proper timing/operation.
    - Check thermostat to ensure proper operation (per your instruction).
    - Place any retrieved mail/newspapers in a designated interior location.
    - Visually inspect all sinks/faucets for any sign of plumbing leaks.

    - Run all faucets momentarily to ensure drain traps stay filled with water.
    - Flush all commodes.
    - Visually inspect areas beneath your sinks to ensure there is no drain leakage.
    - Visually inspect your interior for signs of any pest entry/damage.
    - Inspect any audio/video components to ensure the power is in the off position.
    - Re-inspect all exterior door locks.
    - Reset your security system upon exit.

  • All contracts are customized to suit the individual needs of each of our clients.

    Our rates are quoted based on:

    - Total square footage of the home.
    - Frequency of inspections.
    - Extensiveness of services.

With HBS Property Services, you can expect accountability and action:

  • Accountability is essential to our concierge services. We eliminate any anxiety about leaving behind your home by contacting you regularly with reports about and photos of your property. No matter where you may be in the world, you will always know what’s going on right here with your home.
  • Simply put, we do what we promise to do. We believe in proactive problem-solving. We will never report problems to you without also providing recommendations for their possible solution.

Our services include but are not limited to weekly home inspections, landscaping, pool maintenance, limo service, car detailing, house cleaning, window cleaning. We tailor our services to our client’s needs.

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