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  • The core principle of our company is customer service.

    We treat every neighborhood as though we live there. Our proactive approach to community operations reduces liability and expenses. Equally important, we want our clients to feel that they have had all of their questions answered and any concerns immediately addressed.

  • How does preventative maintenance experience save clients money?

    We have over 20 years of large-scale operations management experience, encompassing a wide range of projects. Our ability to anticipate infrastructure issues; develop detailed RFPs; and supervise project execution saves our clients both money and hassle.

  • What is your strategy for protecting property values?

    Regular site inspections include comparing reserve study information to the actual condition of the infrastructure. This kind of consistently detailed monitoring is a much more strategic approach to long-term asset management.

  • How do you anticipate problems, rather than simply reacting to them?

    We not only anticipate possible problems, we find creative solutions to them. Our unconventional approach to problem solving is enthusiastically embraced by our clients and demonstrates just how committed we are to their satisfaction.

  • How do you communicate with homeowners and Board members?

    Unlike other management companies, we pick up the phone. We find that the courtesy of a phone call resolves the overwhelming majority of minor violation issues. And, our regular email updates and monthly reporting keeps our Boards well-informed of our actions.

  • What systems will they implement to reduce your Association's risk?

    Our approach to risk management is two-fold: Detailed monitoring of infrastructure and thorough training of personnel. Infrastructure that is properly maintained is far less likely to fail. Personnel who are properly trained are far less likely to create instances of liability.

  • What services do they offer individual homeowners, to help maintain their individual properties?

    We have created a division of our company that provides concierge services for individual homeowners. Offering this service goes hand-in-glove with our HOA management services; a community is only as desirable as the individual properties within it are cared for.

HOA Management

When you work with HBS Management Solutions, you will:

  1. Reduce long-term costs by working with experienced managers who value strategic planning.
  2. Have 24/7 access to your manager, so emergencies are addressed immediately.
  3. See an increase in risk management efforts through creative thinking and problem solving.
  4. Notice a reduction in homeowner complaints-and an increase in constructive participation.
  5. Promote a positive neighborhood image and increased property values.