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  • There are 5 ways an operations expert benefits your HOA.

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  • Preventative maintenance equals substantial savings

    "Studies have shown that preventative maintenance suggests a savings of 12% to 18% of annual budgets." (Chicago Property Services, Inc.)

    What is your Association doing to preserve its infrastructure and to prevent unnecessary expenses?

  • Planning protects property values

    "Properly run, [a homeowners association] promotes the community concept and protects the community's property values." (The Homeowners Association Manual by Peter M. Dunbar, Esq.)

    "Professionally managed associations retain a growth in attractiveness to potential buyers, resulting in higher property values." (Backyard Realty Group, LLC)

    How does your Association use operational strategies to promote property values?

  • Operations experts anticipate and communicate

    "A homeowner's association board should expect an HOA management company to be a reliable partner who understands their needs, knows how to get things done, anticipates issues and concerns, and who has a track record of finding reliable solutions." (

    What is your Association doing to form a strategic partnership with managers experienced in operations and communications?

  • Systems reduce risk

    "The community manager's role...should always include continually updating the inventory of an association's risk situations, recognizing and responding to exposures to possible loss that require immediate attention, and using appropriate resources to identify exposure." (

    How does your Association approach risk management?

  • Property management offers two-fold coverage

    "22 per cent of people surveyed thought an empty house has a negative effect on property values. A similar number felt an empty home would reduce their enjoyment of the street, showing that vacant property can also have a psychological effect." (

    "An eighth-inch [plumbing] crack can spew up to 250 gallons of water a day, wrecking floors, furniture and keepsakes." (Institute for Business & Home Safety)

    What is your Association doing to assist seasonal homeowners in protecting their properties and, consequently, the overall image of the Association?



The benefits of collaborating with HBS Management Solutions:

1.  Gain control over your operating costs.
2. Enjoy being able to serve your community in positive ways.
3. Feel secure about the ways in which you can reduce risk.
4. Have a systematic approach to proactively maintaining infrastructure.
5. Know that regular communication always keeps you “in the driver’s seat.